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  The LIBI Fund AWIS R.A

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    "Yahad" – United for Israel's Soldiers (The LIBI Fund The Association for the Wellbeing of Israeli Soldiers) is a registered non-profit association whose aim is raising funds for IDF soldiers.

    All the organization's expenses related to the fundraising and the implementation of the donations are funded and financed by the Ministry of Defense and not by the donations received. Thus resulting in the fact that 100% of all donations are directed towards soldier needs.

    In this website you can review the association’s operations, and for any further information you can contact us as detailed in the website.

    The annual Financial Statements are audited by the firm of Chartered Accountants Yehuda Ayn Dor, and are submitted as required by law to the Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations.

    The Financial Statements are available for scrutiny by the public at the association's registered office.


    Documents available for public scrutiny:

    Merger Certificate of the associations AWIS and LIBI

    IDF Chief of Staff Certification 1

    IDF Chief of Staff Certification 2

    Nonprofit Association Certificate

    Certificate as an approved institution for accepting donations according to section 46 of the Income-tax regulations

    Financial Statements for the year 2018

    Certificate of proper management 2020-2021

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