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  The LIBI Fund AWIS R.A

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  • Trail Race in Memory of the fallen Druze IDF Soldiers – “ Beshvil Habanim” – “For the Sons”

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    Trail Race in Memory of the fallen Druze IDF Soldiers- "Beshvil Habanim" - "For The Sons"

    “For the Sons” is the Memorial Project for the fallen IDF soldiers of the Druze Community and whose major aim is to bring to public attention the contribution of the Druze Community to Israeli society, their ancient traditions and alliance forged with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

    The “For the Sons” Trail Race event held on Mount Carmel is the opportunity for all segments of Israeli society to express their identification and support for the bereaved families of the fallen IDF Druze soldiers.

    The Libi Fund participates in the holding of this important memorial project.