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  The LIBI Fund AWIS R.A

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  • Dedication of Torah Scrolls ( Sifre Torah)

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    Dedication of Torah Scrolls ( Sifre Torah)

    In the framework of the varied religious projects promoted and carried out by The Libi Fund, substantial donations are raised for the buying of Torah Scrolls intended for the new Synagogues being built and for existing Synagogues on army bases. Some of the Torah Scrolls are dedicated in memory of the beloved family members of the donors.

    In September 2015, The Libi Fund participated together with the Israel Ministry of Defense, the “Yad Lebanim” organization, and the FIDF - USA, in an extraordinary project whereby 65 old Torah Scrolls recovered from all over the world were brought to Israel. These Scrolls were repaired and restored in a combined operation and donated to army units all over the country.

    The Torah Scrolls were donated by Jewish communities world-wide – Mexico, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Morocco, Canada, France, Venezuela and the USA – and were dedicated in memory of fallen soldiers and security personnel at a moving ceremony held at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, in the presence of the President of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, the Minister of Defense, Lt.-Gen. (Res.) Moshe Yaalon, the Chief of Staff, Lt.- Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, Chief Rabbis of Israel, and family members of fallen soldiers.

    The motion to save the Torah Scrolls and to bring them to Israel was born during the visit of bereaved families to the helicopter crash disaster site in Romania. The delegation from Israel when meeting with members of the Romanian Jewish community became aware of the existence in the basement of a Synagogue of tens of Torah Scrolls which had survived the Holocaust and since abandoned, most of them damaged and desecrated.

     40 Torah Scrolls after an initial examination were found suitable for restoration, and 10 were selected to be saved; however, after further examination only 5 scrolls were found to be ritually pure for restoration; these scrolls were brought to Israel and donated to Synagogues around the country and dedicated in memory of fallen soldiers of the local communities

    In the summer of 2014 Mr. Laurent Amram, head of the association “ Bond for Eternty - Kesher Lanetsah”, after visiting Israel, was inspired to launch a project for the  donation of Torah Scrolls to perpetuate the memory of Israeli fallen soldiers and security personnel, including the fallen in Operation Protective Edge. Upon his return to Canada his moving experience led to an ever growing demand by families to donate Torah Scrolls, and this movement was also fostered by The Libi Fund, which raised funds in Israel and in the Diaspora for 6 Torah Scrolls for the IDF; these scrolls were consecrated at moving ceremonies in Synagogues of combat units at army bases all over the country.