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  The LIBI Fund AWIS R.A

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    Building of Synagogues

    Building of Synagogues

    The Libi Fund, in the framework of the building and infrastructure works being carried out at army bases has also been erecting Synagogue buildings for the IDF soldiers.

    In the past few years several distinct Synagogues have been inaugurated, having been specifically designed and adapted to serve sectors of soldiers, according to their religious customs and needs.

    In addition to the building of new Synagogues, Libi is also renovating and refurbishing existing Synagogue buildings, establishing mobile units, and temporary Synagogues in containers, and also supplying prayer books, religious artifacts and Torah Scrolls.

    An outstanding example of a project completed in the past few years is the “ Burning Bush “ Synagogue established at the Officer’s Training Base – “ Bahad 1”, designed by architect Eli Armon, and inspired by the biblical Burning Bush story of our forefather, “Moshe Rabeinu”. The Libi Fund raised donations totaling 5 million Shekels for this project, most of which generously donated by Mr. Jay & Mrs. Shira Ruderman.

    The “ Burning Bush “ Synagogue building at the Officer’s Training Base – “ Bahad 1”, was selected as one of the 5 best designed public buildings  in the competition  “Design Award 10”. Dignitaries at the prestigious inauguration ceremony included the then Chief of Staff, Lt.-Gen Gabi Ashkenazi, Deputy Minister of Defense, Knesseth Member - Matan Vilnai, distinguished donors, commanders and soldiers at the base.

    An example of another major restoration project was that carried out at the Synagogue of the ““Paratroops Fire Division – עוצבת האש”; this unique project was financed by a Friend of Libi France, Mr. Zilber Cohen, in memory of his dear departed wife, the late Yasmin Cohen. About 100 additional seats were installed for the benefit of the soldiers at the base. The inauguration ceremony of the renovated Synagogue and the consecration of the Torah Scrolls was attended by dignitaries headed by the Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi David Masash, together with commanders and soldiers at the base.

    Friends of Libi France, headed by Mme. Gladys Tibi, donated NIS 100,00 for a Torah Scroll and equipment for a Synagogue.