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  The LIBI Fund AWIS R.A

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  • Special Project: “Bahadim - Training Base City”

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    Special Project: “Bahadim - Training Base City”

    In the Negev the creativity and pioneering daring of Israel will be tested” 
    David Ben-Gurion


    Friends of the IDF in the USA and Panama (FIDF) has undertaken to finance an enormous project at an estimated cost of 42 Million Dollars, for the establishment of 11 welfare facilities for soldiers in the Training Base City being built in the Negev.

    These facilities will be able to be utilized and enjoyed by 10,000 soldiers and commanders at the same time, thus totaling 100,000 soldiers yearly.

    This Instruction Center is intended to concentrate in one area 8 training bases, which today are spread all over the country, enabling the various army units to utilize and co-ordinate training methods and facilities together.

    These 11 facilities of the FIDF will provide comprehensive and innovated welfare facilities for soldiers, for their recreation when off-duty, medical treatments, educational courses and for religious purposes; they are intended to create for our young men and women soldiers “ a home away from home ”.

    By participating in the financing of part of this vast project of the IDF, (also one of the largest being carried out in Israel today), the FIDF association not only is continuing with its long-standing concern for the welfare of our soldiers – the FIDF is investing in the future of the State of Israel.